Saturday, 5 September 2015

Construction Development Act - part v

Effects to Quantity Surveyors

Dispute resolution is one modern practicing area of Quantity surveyors and the act however there is no register of adjudicators who are professionally Quantity surveyors even there is such register is being maintained by the IELS for Engineers. Quantity surveyors who are practicing as adjudication can register in the Authority as adjudicators. This will open more opportunities to them to perfume as an adjudicator.

Technical auditing is another modern practicing area of Quantity surveyors. The Authority may carry out technical auditing for any construction work. This will open opportunities to Quantity surveyors to involve for technical auditing in both contractual and financial aspects.

The Authority aiming to assist to undertake of consultancy services in other countries by local consulting firms and also promote and facilitate to contractors for undertaking construction works in other countries. Those will open new job opportunities in both consultancy and contractor organization for Quantity surveyors. Also consultant Quantity surveying firm can expand their business to foreign countries too.

All members of IQSSL will become qualified persons and non-members of IQSSL but members of similar good standard institutions like RICS and AIQS may become qualified members. If so it makes the membership of foreign institutions and the local institutions equivalent.

The Act also specified that only the qualified persons shall carrying out of preparation of required contract documentation an of any identified construction work.  Since the Quantity surveyors are expert in the preparation of contract documentation, this will open more opportunity for qualified Quantity surveyors.

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