Wednesday, 22 July 2015

QS Crossword Puzzle 2 (Variations)

2 Cost of variations instructed by Engineer due to default of contractor,
shall born by this party.
3 If the Contractor is incapable of this,employee can employee
another contractor to do an omitted work and it's not a  breach
of contract.
4 Variation executed under similar condition, shall value from
this rates
7 This is a condition precedent to Claims but not for variations
9 The contractor is bound to give this to the Engineer,if the
Engineer's instruction(s) caused to increase the contract price
as per SBD 1.
10 This name called for the rates which are derived from any
relevant rates or prices in the Contract, with
reasonable adjustments
12 If Employer, employee another contractor to do an omitted
work, Contractor can claim this.
14 These are variations, unless it is to be carried out by others
16 Contractor can not make any variation without an instruction
of this person.
19 Engineer have no authority to vary this.
1 Contractor can submit a claim for adjustment to this and it's a claim
 arising out from a variation.
5 The principle of a reasonable value of services called in this name.
6 Clause 13.1 , imposed this on the contractor to execute variation
8 After issue of this certificate, Engineer can not issue valid variation
instructions as per SBD 2.
11 Change of this is a variation according to SBD 2 but not according
to SBD 1
13 Changes to this may be a variation 
15 Contract can go for this rate(a specific name), if the variation is
 not executed under similar condition.
16 This party doesn't have authority to issue variation instructions
17 Contractor is bound to execute variation instruction, unless he
 can not readily obtain this
18 According to SBD2, all variation instructions shall give in this mode
All Questions are based on FIDIC 1999 red book,
unless specifically stated.

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