Friday, 8 April 2011

QS Crossword puzzle 1

Fill the following QS Crossword puzzle and send to admin on before 30th of April 2011. First 5 winners will be received an e book which is important for Quantity Surveyors. Be hurry!!


1. What is the unit of measurement for reinforcement

2. This error considers as a genuine error in the tender evaluation.

3. This procurement method may appropriate for a developer who have limited budget.

4. This FIDIC book is for turn key projects.

5. This survey may be carried out in dregging projects

8. Before many days, the contractor shall give the notice to the Engineer before any Plant or a major item of other Goods delivered to the Site.

13. What is the standard method of measurement applicable to Sri Lanka.

12 If plan length of a pier exceeds four times of their thickness, the pier should meausred as this.

16. What is the weight of a square metre in kilogram(Kg/M²) in A252 mesh reinforcement


1. Masonry Walls with diminishing thickness, is measured in this name.

5. This procurement method may appropriate for governments who haven't sufficient fund for some infrastructure projects like power plants.

6. Painting to general surfaces should be measured under this section in SMM 7.

9. Change of this may be a reason for a variation.

10. Within how many years a party should apply to high court for the enforcement of an award (Refer Arbitration act - Sri Lanka)

11. In which year arbitration act seconded in sri Lanka.

12. This is an employers risk.

14. This tendering method may appropriate for a housing project with 1000 similar units.

15. A Sustainable Flooring Material.

17. This liability applicable on both designers and contractors for 10 years beyond the end of the defect liability period of a projects in some countries like French, Qatar.

18. In which year FEDIC edition 3 was published .

Note: SMM 7 and FIDIC red book appicable for hints.
Click here to download excel version of the Crossword puzzle

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